CII - National Awards for Excellence in Water Management 2017
CII-Triveni Water Institute, CII’s Center of Excellence on Water organises the CII National Awards for Excellence in Water Management to celebrate and reward outstanding innovation, promising water conservation and management practices undertaken by Indian industries from varied sectors.The objective of the Award Scheme is to recognize and Award “Excellence” in Water Management in industries and facilitate sharing of information by excellent water efficient companies and instil a “senses of competition” to motivate other industries /plants toachieve excellence in Water management. The Awards measure performance and provide detailed feedback for opportunities to excel while maintaining strong competition and high standards of excellence.

The process of selection of awardees under the new version follows world class procedures (evaluation tools and techniques that also make use of satellite information) and has in place a robust methodology which includes site verification. The Awards measure performance and provides detailed feedback for opportunities to excel while maintaining strong competition and high standards of excellence. The year 2017 would witness the 11th edition of these awards.
CII – ICICI Venture Connect 2009 Entrepreneurs Awards
India’s premier ICT Event, Connect has been the forum for Indian ICT industry to confer on latest Trends & Developments. The event in the past has seen industry leaders and policy makers come together and exchange insights and views on accelerating the growth and sustainability of the Indian ICT Sector.
Kaizen Competition
Kaizen (Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better") is a philosophy or set of practices that focus on continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business processes, and management. The Kaizen concept stimulates productivity improvement as an ongoing process in companies. The Kaizen Competition of CII Southern Region is organized every year to recognize and encourage member companies which give importance to continuous improvements through Kaizens. The competition is conducted for operators and supervisors of member companies from manufacturing and service sectors. In order to encourage competitiveness through Kaizens among small scale industries, a special recognition is given for the best small scale organization which participates in the competition. The competition awards member companies who have adopted Kaizens not only at the shop floor but also from the office area, scrap yard, stores etc.
CII Southern Region Awards for Manufacturing Excellence
5S is a five-step technique for creating and maintaining a good housekeeping at workplace, which makes it free of clutter, well-organized and clean. Once fully implemented, the 5S process can increase morale, create positive impressions on customers and increase efficiency and organization. The effect of 5S on continuous improvement can lead to less waste, better quality and faster lead times. All of which make an organization more profitable and competitive in the market place.
CII Southern Region QC Circle Convention – Regional Finals
QC Circles play a very important role in involving a wide cross section of employees for improving quality within an organization through participation. In an effort to spread the awareness of the need to Total Quality Management among membership in the Southern Region, CII has been conducting the Quality Circle Convention in the southern region for the last 22 years. The Regional Convention, which is an annual feature, is a build-up of the State Conventions that take place throughout the year as part of CII’s continuous thrust towards strengthening the quality movement in India. The convention provides a unique opportunity to motivate Workers to form Quality Circles within the organization and facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences on various approaches to problem solving through Quality Circles. Each team participating at the convention would be make presentations of their QC Stories to the jury. The first three winners at the Regional Competitions would participate in the CII National QC Circle Convention.
In the year 2007, CII established a National Award on Six Sigma to recognize organizations which have successfully adopted and implemented the Six Sigma techniques resulting in improvement in processes. The CII-Six Sigma Awards are given in an annual conference organized by the CII Institute of Quality (CII-IQ). Every year, CII-IQ organizes the National Six Sigma Competition, annually, and invites organizations to participate in the same and present successful case studies. An eminent Jury evaluates the presentation with respect to pre-determined criteria and identifies the Award Winners.
Sona Kaizen Award and Kaizen Champion Trophy
Normally 2 Kaizen Conferences are conducted every year. The winners of these conferences compete again for the “Best of the Best” for the year. There is a platform created for them to compete at the TPM National Conference and the top 3 companies are awarded the Sona Kaizen Cash Award along with the Kaizen Champion Trophy.
Best Kaizen Award - Trophy
Indian industry is implementing kaizens for becoming competitive in the global scenario. From, CII - TPM Club India we would like to bring out the best kaizens implemented so that it benefits the Indian Industry as a whole. The excellent work done inside companies is otherwise hidden if not given a good exposure. To achieve the above objective, Kaizen Conference has been designed not only for achieving the purpose of spreading the good work done by companies but also to recognize the best of the competing kaizens with Kaizen Trophy. This competition is very severe and intense with more than 50 kaizens participating in each edition. A total of 5 winners are selected from different categories to carry the best kaizen award in the form of a trophy.
CII Puducherry instituted QC Circle Award
CII Puducherry instituted QC Circle Award for Operators for the first time in 2004 in Puducherry and organised the first Puducherry State Level QC Circle Competition for Operators among Member industries for their participation to promote and share the best practices that they are following in their companies. The objective of the Competition is to provide a unique opportunity to motivate workers to form quality circles within the company and also provide them a forum to exchange their ideas and share their experiences.
The Workskills competition was initiated by CII on the lines of the Skills Olympics organised by the industry in Europe as a means of promoting vocational training in industrial skills. The first CII Workskills was held in 1989 at the Advanced Training Institute, Dasnagar, Howrah. 205 workers from the Indian Industry participated in this event. In view of the overwhelming response received in the first Workskills, CII has institutionalised this competition as a major event for the industrial work force, held every year at the Regional and National levels. The competition is being held in nine trades viz. Electrician, Machinist (Miller), Welder, Fitter, Turner, Industrial Electronics, Tool & Die Maker, Instrument Mechanic and COPA (Computer Operator cum Processing Assistant) in two categories - upto 22 years of age and above 22 years of age. The objectives of the competition are - to encourage workers in the industry by providing recognition for individual merit and excellence in skills through organised competition in selected trades and to upgrade the standards and status of vocational trades and promote skills development programmes in the industry.
Safety Health & Environment Award (SHE)
CII (ER) has an annual award scheme to recognize the excellence of its members in the spheres of safety sector during the year. The excellence in Safety Health & environment (SHE) Award is to acknowledge the vision and exemplary commitment the CEO and his team has for Environmental Responsibility, concern for occupational Health and Safety of employees and society as a whole. The objective of this Award is to evaluate an Organization’s interest towards the well being of its employees through adequate measures, not only for the Regulatory requirements, but also as a part of the Management’s Commitment towards ensuring that the workforce is adequately protected through effective Safety, Health & Environment measures. The Award is presented during the occasion of the Annual Regional Meeting of CII (ER).