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CII- Apollo Corporate Wellness Awards (Supported by Apollo Hospitals)

1. Background:

WHO’s 1st Global Conference on Health Promotion in Ottawa 1986, 2nd Conference in Adelaide 1988 and later 6th Conference in Bangkok 2005, mentioned the need to improve and implement workplace health Promotion programs.

This resulted in the Luxemburg declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in Europe 2007, WHO’s Workers Health Global Plan of action 2008 While the WHO document deals with the entire spectrum of occupational Health (Safety,Enviroment and Health (attached ),the Luxemburg declaration deals exclusively with Workplace  Health promotion (attached)

2. India Initiative

The Apollo Study of Corporate health in 2000, the CEO health survey in 2005 and CII study of 2005 all indicated poor health standards. These findings were also reported in the ICRIER Study of 2007 that indicated that 75% of Indian Corporates offered no health promoting facilities to its employees. From these findings was born the need to initiate health promotion for Corporates in India. 

3. Objective  

The Corporate Wellness Program was initiated by the Apollo Hospitals Group and CII with a view to improve the Health Status of Corporate India.

The objective of the program is to promote the health of employees and thereby improve their productivity, decrease medicare costs and increase the profitability of Corporate Organizations 

The program comprises of the following steps.

- Ascertaining the Health Status of Employees.

- Making available to each participant, a health assessment, prescription and counseling.

- Ascertaining the Health index of each corporate and thereafter to recognize and award at a National level, the Corporate Organizations that have the best Health Index.

4. Methodology adopted for inviting corporates to participate

    4(a) Participation - A mail inviting participation in the program was sent out by CII Regional offices to corporates across the country. There after, Apollo representatives visited the corporates and conducted the wellness survey.

    4(b) Health Survey - Each employee surveyed ( approx 200,00) in the various corporates (approx 500) from various cities and towns (approx 15) were required to provide their health and Lifestyle related information in such areas as Diet , Activity, Stress ,Smoking ,Safety, Medical history etc. 

    4 (c) Screening Process - The Assessments were carried out via 2 methods : Offline and Online .For the offline assessments ,the Health assessment questionnaire was given to the participants .Wherever medical records were available, these were recorded  in the questionnaire .In cases  where medical records were not available, Height, Weight ,Gender, Family history ,Stresses ,Diet ,Habits (Smoking), Activity levels etc were recorded to ascertain the risk for HBP, Diabetes and other ailments. 

    4 (d) Scoring Methods - Each of the employees received a health score based on their health levels, and similarly the cumulative health score of the total participants (not less than 100 per company) determined the health score of each Corporate.  

5. Categories of Award

Based on the scores available an independent Jury comprising of Health & wellness related experts will shortlist corporates for the following 3 Awards:

            I.      Healthiest Corporate in Manufacturing Sector

           II.      Healthiest Corporate in Services Sector

         III.      Corporate with the best health promoting systems 

6. Awards Ceremony

These awards will be given at a ceremony during CII National Conference and Annual Session in April/ May 2010. 

7. Post Award activities 

CII and Apollo will continue the corporate wellness agenda post award through following initiatives:

  • Sharing the findings about the health status of corporate India as revealed by the Apollo-CII survey through various media channels
  • Creation of a cadre of trained assessors to promote Wellness in organizations.
  • Awareness and sensitization programmes across industry to promote corporate wellness.

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