SIX SIGMA (Northern Region)

SIX SIGMA has proven across the world and over the wide spectrum of Industries, the power of changing “Business of Quality” to “Quality of Business” by integrating business and quality strategies. This would be a unique opportunity for the technical executives including Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts to exchange ideas and views and share their success stories to improve the capabilities of their business process. This will help to benchmark practicing and divesting new strategies for driving further the journey of Six Sigma. To Judge/assess your Six Sigma Project. CII has assembled a prestigious group of experts and leaders from the Industry.

Pikender Pal Singh
[Senior Director]
Northern Regional Director's Office
Confederation of Indian Industry
Northern Region Headquarters
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg
Sector - 31A
Phone : +91-172-2602365 / 2605868 / 2607228
Fax :+91-172-2606259 / 2614974
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