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Quality Education is the foundation to achieve CII-Institute of Quality’s mission of “Leveraging the quality movement to transform India into a better place”. Also, with the increasing stress on knowledge economy, the role of education is becoming more and more important. Education does not just affect an individual’s development but that of the society and the nation as a whole.


Faced with global challenges the need of the hour is to strengthen our education system to make it competitive. It is noteworthy that India in the past 60 years of independence has undertaken some commendable steps towards providing “Education for All”. Considering the diversity of our country; a lot has been achieved. To a large extent, we have been able to bring children to school, increase enrolment rates and reduce dropouts. Thanks to initiatives like: Sarva Siksha Abhiyan!!! Even though we have made some progress, several challenges still remain. One of it being: the aspect of QUALITY.


With changing patterns of education delivery, course content, nature of learners and organizational structures; quality aspect has become an inherent component of the educational process for its success. The challenge now is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in our schools. IQ’s Education Excellence team works to develop ‘facilitators of quality‘ - by conducting training programmes and certificate courses. The task the team has setout to achieve is to spread the word of “Quality” in the education sector.


CII - Institute of Quality assists institutions to improve their operational and administrative processes by working with individual or a group of schools (what we refer to as ‘clusters’) who are treading on the path of Excellence. Our primary objective is to create awareness on ‘Excellence in Education’ comparable to global standards. Another objective is to help institutions improve their processes on a continuous basis. We also recognize and reward institutions making progress towards Excellence and provide a platform at national and regional levels to share best practices. Yet another objective is to help institutions build sustainable partnership with industry. The idea is to equip the institutions to be more responsive to change, understand and meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. The ultimate goal being that of involvement and satisfaction of all involved in the functioning of an institution.


We understand that changes and progress in the education sector requires strong, productive and committed partnerships. The task at hand is too large for any one agency to handle. Hence, CII-IQ strongly believes and works hand-in-hand with the Government, Corporate, NGO’s, Educational Institutions and other like-minded individuals and agencies to enhance its reach and bring about a more efficient, effective and sustainable development.


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