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Main factors for poor performance include inadequate resources, poorly communicated strategy, unclear action plans and accountabilities, inadequate performance monitoring and reward systems. Developing HR management strategies and putting them into practice are two very different things. In order to successfully carry out everything to ensure a strategy is completed, you need the right systems, processes and people. CII-Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs delivers HR Services either as individual assignment or in clusters. Apart from Training Programmes, Seminars, HR Excellence Missions are regularly held across the country. We work with you to create HR management solutions to overcome skills or capacity gaps. Because each company is unique and requires a different approach, we believe in developing customized solutions reflective of your specific situation. Through discussions with the senior management we first understand where and why the current shortfalls exist. Thereafter a set of customised intervention is developed which is required for perfecting the HR System in your organisation. The key to the success of any solution is its effective implementation. Recognizing this, we focus on the capacity building of the HR Department and ensuring that it is self-sufficient in carrying out high-end HR delivery. HR Excellence Missions are also organised where the delegates get an opportunity to interact with senior management of benchmark companies who are well known for excellence in their HR Practices.

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