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Six Sigma approach is being widely used all over the world for reduction in process variation and waste elimination. A large number of organizations are using Six Sigma approach in the following areas:-

  1. Reduce rejection, scrap and rework
  2. Reduce customer complaints
  3. Reduce field failures
  4. Optimize processes to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs in terms of energy consumption
  5. Set appropriate tolerances on dimensions process and parameters.

There are two key principles used in decision making to achieve the above waste reduction. They are decision making through a) Data and b) Observation. Six sigma initiative is a focused approach to resolve problems and optimize processes. Each problem is taken up as a Project and systematically taken through four stages. They are

  1. Define (D)
  2. Measure & Analyze (M&A)
  3. Improve (I)
  4. Control ( C)

The key phase is the M&A phase where the root causes for the problems are pinpointed. The data based techniques used are based on “Shainin techniques”, a technique developed by Mr. Shainin.

Through various applications in many process improvements these techniques are improved and fine tuned by Confederation of Indian Industry –Institute of Quality (CII-IQ) and these are taught in the Six sigma Black Belt Certification Programme.
The unique features of the Six Sigma BB module are :

  • Process Improvement tools will be taught in a very simple and effective manner for real application and there will be no fancy jargons and statistics.
  • All the tools are taught with respect to Shopfloor (Gemba) application.
  • A compilation of the case studies will be given as part of the course material for easy understanding of the tools.
  • Each participant is required to complete “Two” Process Improvement Projects using the tools taught.  There will be a 2-day review and presentation module at the end, in which the Projects will be reviewed and decision taken on the Black Belt Certification.  Participants will be provided support through e-mail and phone in their Projects.
  • There will a very exhaustive Objective type written test that will be conducted at the end of every module and also during Module 5 to ensure that the participants have fully understood all the tools.
  • CII will issue a Black Belt Certificate to successful candidates.

Benefit to the Industry

The Certified Black Belts will acquire the skills of Problem Solving and making Process improvements in a very scientific manner.  They will be of great resource to the Organisation in their Process/Design trouble-shooting and can help in making Process improvements very fast and effectively.

During the BB certification module, each participant should complete one process improvement project.  This will ensure that the Organisation gets benefited and they get the Return on Investment.  For example, if the Organisation nominates 2 people for the module, there will be Two Projects completed in the Organisation.

In addition to the individual projects, there will also be one Project per Organisation that needs to be completed during the training Module.

The team will be guided for effective application of the tools during the entire certification process.

CII Institute of Quality, till now has conducted TEN batches of Six sigma Black Belt certification programmes in various regions. In the 10 batches of Six Sigma BB certification programmes done so far by CII Institute of Quality, 254 participants from 103 Organizations were trained. Besides this, three batches of Six Sigma Green Belt training programmes were also held. The following table shows the summary of the tangible savings realized by the nine Six Sigma BB batches across various regions by the application of Six Sigma techniques.

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