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CII suggestions sought for framing the health insurance policy for Delhi
Oct 12, 2015

Mr Satyendar Jain, Minister of Health, NCT of Delhi, has underscored the need for building trust between the Government and the private sector to strengthen the health infrastructure in Delhi and ensuring quality health services to the masses.

While addressing the CII 9th Health Insurance Summit, the Minister invited the suggestions of CII for framing the health insurance policy of the Delhi State to ensure coverage for 50 percent of Delhi population   in line with the policies being pursued  by states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. “The industry input will be vital since they have the hands on experience in implementing the project and running it in an efficient manner,” he added.

Mr Jain informed that the Delhi Government would be setting up 500 Mohalla Clinics in the next one year or so, designed to cater mainly to the economically weaker sections.  Also, capacity of Government hospitals will be enhanced by adding 10,000 or so new beds in the next two and half years.   Referring to the swift action taken by the Government to contain the dengue outbreak in the city, he said that only 500 to 600 people were inflicted with the dengue of the 4,300 patients admitted to the government other private hospitals.   The standing instruction of the Government was to admit any one wanting to do so and provide them the right medical care in time.

The Minister also said that the Government has decided to do away with the VIP culture in the government hospitals. “ Our effort is to give  everyone  quality  treatment irrespective of his income or other profile,” he added.   In this regard, he mentioned that an amount of Rs 4,000 crores is being spent annually , which  was enough to meet the health requirements if expended efficiently and for the purpose it was meant for.  In this regard, he mentioned that the Government is taking seriously the fact that many hospitals did not have medicines, though they are well-equipped and services of good doctors. 

New Delhi
12th October 2015

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