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Ideate and Innovate in Telangana for the world - will be the mantra of CII Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups that will provide the right mix of entrepreneurial elements and shall go a long way in strengthening the start-up ecosystem" says Mr KT Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister of MA & UD, Industries & Commerce and IT & C, Government of Telangana at the launch of the CII Centre in Telangana
Jul 11, 2020

Mr. K T Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister of Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries, IT and Electronics & Communications, Government of Telangana launched the CII Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups in Telangana over a digital platform today.

In his keynote address at the Launch ceremony, Mr Rao, applauded that the centre is a pioneering initiative of CII and is a standing testimony of an enabling ecosystem of Telangana. He further emphasized that the start-up-focused approach of the Telangana government can be estimated from its multiple sector-specific initiatives such as cleantech focused ‘Sanitation Hub (S-Hub)’, ‘We-Hub’ for supporting women entrepreneurs, prototyping centre - ‘T-Works’, block-chain accelerator ‘T-Block’, largest startup incubator, ‘T-Hub’, and the existence of progressive life sciences companies among others.

The Hon’ble minister further stated that the aforesaid CII Centre will provide the right mix of entrepreneurial elements – mentorship, access to capital, safety net for experimentation, coupled with the conviction to follow up on a grand vision and will do wonders for strengthening the start-up ecosystem in not just Telangana but across India.

While addressing at the launch ceremony, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT), Government of Telangana welcomed and congratulated CII for launching this very significant and timely centre. He further mentioned that the centre is a very big leap forward for harnessing new technology and business opportunities along with knowledge creation. He assured of the best possible support from the Government of Telangana for the centre to flourish.

Mr S Gopalakrishnan, Chairman, CII National Start-up Council and Chairman, Axilor Ventures during his address stated that the centre will focus to connect 3,00,000 members of CII with the start-ups through mutually beneficial partnerships, spur research translation from lab to market, generate society-ready innovation, foster innovation for societal problems, explore a new business models for farming, encourage funding for the entire value chain from proof of concept to business models. He further stated that the centre would provide thought leadership, shared knowledge, policy suggestions, handholding to starts-ups and student entrepreneurs. He mentioned that the centre will offer landing pad and enable connections of Indian start-ups with those from other nations thus helping to complement and strengthen each other’s entrepreneurship ecosystems.

In his Opening remarks, Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) highlighted that the centre will give a huge fillip to an innovation driven entrepreneurship. He stated that the centre shall bring the start-ups to work together with the large business houses and corporates through CII network, in the lines of the very successful model of Silicon Valley. As there is a need to create unicorns in the technology sector, the CII centre would focus on deep tech start-ups in the manufacturing sector. Mr. Banerjee further mentioned that the Center will buttress the entrepreneurial partnerships and create newer avenues for generating a great deal of wealth and a sizeable employment simultaneously in the quickest possible time.

In his Closing remarks, Mr Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hub and Chief Innovation Officer of the State of Telangana mentioned that everyone is excited about the launch of CII Centre of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Startups in Telangana. As an innovation hub and ecosystem enabler, T-Hub will work with CII to create meaningful impact not just for corporations, but small and medium enterprises to get access to innovative startups help them accelerate and elevate innovation to transform their businesses. This will also help the startups from across the country in their growth trajectory.

Several other industry leaders including Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman, CII National Education Council, Member of the Board of Directors, T-HUB and Executive Chairman, Cyient, Dr. Ramesh Datla, Chairman, CII National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights and Chairman ELICO Limited assured of the industry support to make the centre a truly successful Centre of Excellence going ahead.

The CII Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups is supported by the Government of Telangana, by way of space at T-Hub technology startup incubator in the city, and Pratiksha, a charitable trust founded by Mr. S Gopalakrishnan.

The Centre is set to provide a very robust platform for building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. The primary objective of the Centre would be to attract most innovative start-ups to collaborate with the corporates and to help corporates identify suitable budding start-ups for forging business partnerships and work with start-ups at the co-working space. The Centre shall forge partnerships with 9100 members of CII from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 300,000 enterprises from 288 national and regional sectoral industry bodies. The Centre would curate a customised programme for corporate houses and enable connect with the right start-ups based on industry’s needs and future strategies. The CII Centre would lay a special focus on deep tech start-ups in manufacturing sector by creating a pool of potential start-ups from young researcher community and help them developing business plans and with investment.

The Centre would further help investors select potential start-ups for committing financial stake, build partnerships with the national and international academic centres of excellence for imparting knowledge to and assistance in capacity development of budding start-ups, and work with Government of India and State governments to forge partnerships with foreign governments to launch mutual soft-landing of start-ups. The Centre will serve as a knowledge Centre for preparing and empowering potential entrepreneurs in India through various capacity building programs and convert job seekers to job creators. The Centre will strengthen capabilities of entrepreneurs to improve their competitiveness in the local and international markets, assist entrepreneurs in the process of business opportunity identification, analysis and finalization, supporting market research, facilitate technology tie-ups thereby creating enabling ecosystem for growth of start-up and employment generation

The operations of the Centre are expected to start immediately. For more details about the centre, please write to -

11 July 2020


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