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CII’s effort towards Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth in the North East
Jul 04, 2024

CII’s effort towards Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth in the North East

The Minister of State for External Affairs & Minister of State for Textiles, Shri Pabitra Margherita, emphasized that CSR is not only a moral imperative but a vital driver of sustainable development and inclusive growth in the North East region. He made this statement at the Valedictory Session of the CII North East CSR Conclave, a two-day initiative that brought together businesses, government, civil society and non-governmental organizations to promote socio-economic development in the region.

The Minister highlighted the significant role that CSR can play in promoting sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities, particularly in the handloom and textiles sector. He noted that nearly 27.83 lakh handloom households are engaged in weaving and allied activities, with 87% located in rural areas and the remaining 13% in urban areas. The North East region accounts for approximately 65.2% of the total operational handlooms in the country, with Assam leading in the number of handloom workers. By supporting this sector, it is possible to improve the socio-economic conditions of a large number of people. He advocated CSR funds for supporting the handloom sector in the Region as North East contributes 50% of the workforce in the textile sector.

Shri Margherita invited corporate India to develop long-term CSR visions tailored to the specific needs of the state and provide short-term disaster relief and rehabilitation support. He encouraged corporations to partner with local NGOs to create sustainable impact and contribute to the region's growth.

Earlier, Mr Pradeep Bagla, Chairman, CII North East Council and Managing Director, Amrit Cements Limited in his Welcome Address said that CII has consistently emphasized the strategic importance of the North Eastern Region, where each developmental projects directly links to our national security. The North East CSR Connect is a transformative project that CII is taking up for the region over the next 4-6 years. CII would like to work closely with the Government to take forward the growth journey of the region, he added

The CII North East CSR Conclave showcased impactful projects in the region's socio-economic development, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, innovative idea exchange, and insight into emerging CSR trends. Seventeen NGOs presented their initiatives to attract corporate support and collaboration, while over 100 NGOs connected with over 80 corporates for potential partnerships.

A compendium was released by the Minister of State during the inaugural session, highlighting successful CSR initiatives in the region. Additionally, an exhibition was set up to showcase social development projects and provide a window into the region's development journey.

The CII North East CSR Conclave is a testament to the power of collaboration between businesses, government, civil society and NGOs in driving sustainable development and inclusive growth. The event has set a precedent for future initiatives that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in the North East region.


New Delhi

4 July 2024

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