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Technology has been the leveler and India has the opportunity to lead the Global Digital Revolution
Mar 24, 2021

(Continued from Part 2) 

Mr Tim Vaughan Director & Chief Revenue Officer Education Perfect Singapore said, “Covid 19 has been transformational by forcing change. There is a deep seated desire to see education play a greater role and also a need to emphasise the role of data. Data needs to be used so that there is a meaningful outcome on students. Technology can help people engage with learning. Edtech needs to demonstrate efficacy and have a meaningful learning impact. Need to focus on partnerships and find the sweet spot for educators”


Mr Nirupam Srivastava Vice President – Strategy & AI Hero Enterprise said, “There are three realms we need to focus on which are communication of learning, management of education services and digitisation in the communication of skills.”


Mr. Subhendu Roy, Senior Partner, Kearney, Head of Retail India, moderating the session “Reimaging Digital Retail in India” stated India has already seen a massive thrust in digital retail. The focus of thinking is how do we move from where we are to becoming the best in the world. More than 60% of kiranas, have had some sort of interaction with digital in payments, inventory checks and transaction management. Mr Ambareesh Murty, Founder & CEO Pepperfry stated choices come millions of sellers, manufactures, and merchants providing multiple unique products. Mr Vivek Sunder  COO, Swiggy, stated there are two things restaurants commonly look at; attract new customers, and increase the frequency of existing customers. This is being driven by the digital space.


Mr Rajiv Nair, Group CEO Kaya Ltd expressed that digital is the ecosystem, with physical being a part of it, this is the change that is happening. The efficiency of getting customers, and ability to penetrate large parts of the market is coming through digital. Mr Sujeet Kumar, Co-founder, Udaan stated if our supply chain logistic are not there, then the backend will not perform according to expectations, therefore we must focus on logistics and the supply chain. Mr Sanjeev Madavi, Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Khimji Ramdas, Oman spoke on the need for synchronization of services and information in a more efficient manner.


Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sector, both in terms of revenue and employment. The healthcare market can increase three-fold to Rs. 8.6 trillion (US$ 133.44 billion) by 2022. Indian medical tourism market is growing at 18% y-o-y and is expected to reach US$ 9 billion by 2020. Speaking at the session on Promoting Indian Healthcare Services to The World Dr Rana Mehta Partner & Leader Healthcare Pricewaterhouse Coopers Services LLP said, “Skill arbitrage needs to be an important factor to attract prospective international students to avail Indian medical training services. Both from product and services side there needs to be interventions and there is a need for leveraging the Indian medical education system.”

Mr Viren Shetty Executive Director & COO Narayana Health stated, “ We have the world’s largest potential workforce. Healthcare has the potential to make India an education hub. India can become an education & medical training hub for the rest of the world. Government needs to invest in helpful regulation and there is a need for the healthcare sector to open up.”


Dr Shubnum Singh Advisor CII Healthcare Council, “We need to find out what are some of the skill sets that other countries need and India can assist with the training. We are still grappling with traditional role of diplomas etc. which needs to be upgraded. There also needs to be focus on digital training. Regulation has to be in sync with what the current demand is”

Dr Om P Manchanda Managing Director Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd said, “ Entire world can be divided into developed and developing economies. Fundamental characteristics of developing economies are presence of institutional voids, logistics, IT and data privacy systems not evolved and the healthcare sector is not organised. Healthcare is a sector where market forces have helped in business models and in scaling up. The key areas in diagnostics that can be supported are tele-radiology and tele-pathology.”


Mr Antony Jacob Chief Executive officer Apollo 24/7 said, “ There is a need for people in different parts of the world to have a preliminary consultation before they travel to India for the actual treatment. This eases the requirements of doctors and consultants.”


Dr Ajay Bakshi Co- Founder and CEO BuddhiMed Technologies said, “ India has the benefit of having huge amounts of data. The fundamental problem is how does one take a good image from the hospital and codify it. Good news is that we have the data in English. What we need to do now is to covert unstructured data to structured format and then convert that for usable analytics


The 2 day Conclave aimed to provide a platform for stakeholders from Healthcare; Education; Media & Entertainment; Travel & Tourism, Retail, E Commerce and Fintech across the world to converge and embed their ideas to help usher in a new era of economic growth for the post COVID-19 world. This platform will seek to curate and create an environment conducive to help build a better future and achieve the targets the nation has set for itself. 


24 March 2021


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