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It is the Now or Never moment for Indian Growth Story, says Mr Ajay Shankar at CII Manufacturing Conference
Sep 28, 2016

Mr Ajay Shankar, Chairman, Expert committee on Pre Investment Regulatory Approval, Government of India, while sharing his views at the CII Conference on Building World Class Manufacturing at Noida today underlined the importance of maximizing India’s potential to achieve it true position in the world order and termed this as a Now or Never moment. He emphasized on the need of the Ecosystem to come together and the manufacturing sector to provide jobs at large scale to realize the demographic dividend of the country.  He stressed on the need for manufacturing companies to be given the freedom to grow as was provided to the IT sector which saw it making a mark for itself in the world.  The time has come for the Government to move from prior permission mode to self certification for the manufacturing sector to boom and create the requisite number of jobs.

Disruptive technologies are changing the paradigm of manufacturing said Mr Arvind Kapur, Chair, CII Special Task Force on Manufacturing and Chairman and Managing Director, Rico Auto Industries Ld. He further emphasized on the importance of new technologies such as 3D printing and exhorted the Industry to take up to new technologies in a big way.  Technology was not important for low cost but critical for value for money and quality. Mr Kapur also emphasized on the importance of moving from PPM mode to Zero Defect since the customer has only one product and any defect in the product is 100% rejection for the brand.

Sharing his views at the Conference, Mr S Y Siddiqui, Chief Mentor, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. laid emphasis on participatory approach and involvement of employees at all levels for continuous improvement to make the company truly world class.  Mr Siddiqui gave examples how suggestions from employees led to phenomenal savings in an year and underlined the criticality of sharing business information with employees to make them feel part of the company.  He stressed on the need for the Leadership to be Responsible, Ethical and Visionary. He shared how the company is driving itself to achieve 2 Million cars per annum target by 2020.

Mr Vinod Sharma, Managing Director, Deki Electronics did an MRI scan of Industrial scenario and highlighted the critical components of ecosystem for future growth. He mentioned how it is important for company, the government and industry bodies to come together to strengthen the ecosystem that enables Indian Industry to compete with world giants.  He said the world is moving towards Every Customer is Unique model leading to highly customized products.

Conference Chairma Mr Ramesh Suri, Chairman, Subros Ltd, highlighted how the generation today is looking for quick results and hence the manufacturing companies have to factor in this aspect of their workforce. Gone are the days of person joining and retiring from the same company.  Mr Suri also mentioned about the product life cycles getting reduced and brought to attention the major shift in world dynamics since even Chinese companies are looking at setting up their manufacturing units in India.

Initiating the Conference, Mr C P Gupta, Chairman, CII Western UP Council and Managing Director, Ambica Steels Ltd gave his views on the changing world dynamics in Industry. How the traditional giants are being impacted due to cost competitiveness, availability of workforce etc and are looking to set up their manufacturing facilities across the globe. India is at a critical juncture where we have the demographic dividend and also the cost competitiveness. It is important that Government provides an ecosystem for companies to grow and prosper which will bring employment to millions in the country.

Later in the day, Mr Satya Prakash Patel, Additional Chief Executive Officer, Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) shared initiatives being taken and incentives offered by YEIDA to help industry become competitive.  He also stressed that barring Yamuna expressway there is not much land bank available for someone to set up industry.

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