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Message by Mr Amitabh Bachchan on the occasion of India@75 National volunteering week celebrated across the country in the year 2014


During the course of a pilot run in 2012 , India@75 reached out to 55 million Indians, directly/ indirectly through partners. It was experienced that there is an urgent need to weave the aspirations of Indians with a common thread for creating a better India, which can only be achieved through collaborative and participative action by Indians from all walks of life - professionals, doctors, street vendors, farmers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, government officials, and civil society professionals. Therefore, our endeavour has been to give every Indian an opportunity to volunteer as an  individual, community or organization by creating an ecosystem for volunteerism in India. It was also realized that India does not have a volunteer Week or Day unlike UN and most countries around the world to recognize the noble act of citizens. 

In our current initiative of celebrating the National Volunteer Week from 12 to 18 January, for the first time in India; 2.6 million NYKS Youth clubs, 3.2 million NSS volunteers,  29 Young Indian Chapters comprising of 8500 youth as its members , 15000 colleges and schools, 7100 CII Member companies and 200 plus NGOs  have been reached out to and are participating/ organizing volunteering activities. Young Indians, is playing an active role in engaging its members and the students net across 29 cities through 100 plus different activities in India during this week.  

We have reached out to a few Governors, Chief Ministers and Ministers from Central Ministries for their participation in various states.  

Infosys has generously contributed through a web portal to facilitate the activities and registrations of volunteers and NGOs to attract volunteers, this can be accessed at