CII Theme for 2022-23

Beyond India@75:
Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, Internationalisation

As India completes 75 years of Independence in 2022, it finds itself in an uncertain geopolitical and global socio-economic environment that gains complexity with the overlay of the climate change imperative and fast-paced technological changes. Remarkable new opportunities present themselves amid global challenges and India must position itself for global leadership with a long-term vision for India@100 in 2047.

India is expected to achieve 8.9% GDP in 2021-22, a pace that it must continue in order to meet its aspirations for 2047. This is an apt time to develop the vision for Indian industry's role as a driving force for inclusive, balanced and sustainable growth. With accelerated economic reforms taking place, industry must assume the mantle for India's future and strive for the leadership position in the global economy that it is inherently capable of achieving.

With this backdrop, the Confederation of Indian Industry has taken up the theme of Beyond India@75: Competitiveness, Growth, Sustainability, Internationalisation.

The Theme for 2022-23 prioritises 7 key action points relating to of investment, employment, cost and ease of doing business, enterprise competitiveness, net zero, trade and international investments.

CII had developed a comprehensive vision for India@75 in 2008 through a people-centric visioning exercise with the participation of over 5,000 people from all walks of life. The vision has been actioned over the years with industry as a central player in inclusive growth and societal development. This will be the foundation for CII's coming actions over the year and will act as a guide towards India@100, a nation that is internally strong and externally engaged.

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