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"This decade will see a quantum jump in national and global economies, with the visionary growth in Amrit Kaal driven by innovation and knowledge based economy": Professor Unnat Pandit, Controller General, Intellectual Property Office
Nov 20, 2023

“This decade will see a quantum jump in national and global economies, with the visionary growth in Amrit Kaal driven by innovation and knowledge based economy”
says Professor Unnat Pandit, Controller General, Intellectual Property Office, at the CII’s 9th International Conference on IPR


Prof Unnat Pandit, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Intellectual Property Office, Government of India in his address at the 9th International Conference on IPR stated that the vision for Amrit Kaal will be driven by an innovation driven and knowledge economy. This decade will see a quantum jump in national and gobal economies, and every economic reform will be further driven by IPRs.

Professor Unnat further emphasized that India is committee to IPR driven growth. He specifically highlighted the increasing contribution of Geographical Indications (Gis) in catalyzing economic growth. He pointed out that the Industry should have IP collaborations, and academia should create IP for industry. He also stated that the Government is working on catalyzing the development and economic reforms in the country through IPRs.

Mr Masanori Katsura, Deputy Commissioner, Japan Patent Office mentioned that India has a huge potential in emerging technologies such as digitalization, green energy, and semiconductors etc., which will further accelerate in future through global collaborations. For this to happen, it  is important to appropriately protect IPRs, which will help to promote innovation cooperation.

In his Opening Address, Mr Amit Gossain, Managing Director, Kone Elevator - India & South Asia mentioned that IPR is a predominant driver of technology, science, trade and growth. There should be an emphasis on the creation of IPR ecosystem in the country through robust IP policy, fostering awareness, and fortifying protection services.

Dr Shankar Venugopal, Vice President, Mahindra and Mahindra stated that IP is a key enabler, and accelerator for technologies to come together for the last user to monetize the ideas, and technologies for societal growth.

Mr R Saha, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Indian Industry while conveying his vote of thanks mentioned about the importance of converting IP into business and using IP rights as collaterals.

The Conference also witnessed the release of four thought leadership reports- (1) IP Issues in Pharmaceutical Sector, (2) IP Issues on Manufacturing Sector and (3) and (4) being the GI Booklets for MP and Gujarat.

The first report titled IPR issues with the pharmaceutical sector highlights the key pressing issues in the current pharma sphere in the Indian market. It is perceived that the pharma sector will cross the US$ 372 billion mark at Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.4%. Also, the medical device market is poised to reach US$ 25 billion by 2024. The report while identifying the key issues in the realm of intellectual property rights (IPRs), advocates several recommendations related to the guidelines on the pharmaceutical, biological, and radiopharmaceutical inventions.

The second report on IPR issues with respect to Manufacturing Sector underscores the pivotal role of India's manufacturing in economic growth, contributing 15% to GDP and employing 12% of the workforce. As India aspires to become a global manufacturing hub, the issues arising in the areas of IPR needs to be addressed. The report highlights the common IPR issues in manufacturing space in India and proposes recommendations that will help address the key needs of IPR ecosystem in the Indian manufacturing sector.

Two other reports consolidating the Geographical indications (GIs) in the State of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh were also released during the Conference. GIs are an important tool to protect the localized products based on traditional knowledge and experience. These booklets shall help promote and encourage local artisans and craftsmen and are in resonance with the Governments mission of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘One District- One Product’. These booklets would be useful in encouraging and examining the GI ecosystem of India and help the country leverage its traditional knowledge to drive a robust rural economic growth.

The day-long conference will witness the series of engaging discussions by industry and Government stalwarts on various topics revolving around IP collateralization and monetization, Importance of Electronics, Software and AI in next Generation IP Practices, global bets practices, Ip issues in drugs and pharmaceuticals, linking state level IP strategy. The 9th edition of CII Industrial Intellectual Property Awards are also being conferred to organizations for their outstanding IP portfolios of Patents, Design Trademarks.


20 November 2023

New Delhi

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