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Metering and monitoring of water extraction & usage important for strengthening water use efficiency: Shri G Asok Kumar, DG NMCG
Aug 10, 2023

Metering and monitoring of water extraction & usage important for strengthening water use efficiency: Shri G Asok Kumar, DG NMCG


Industry should take the responsibility to emerge as a self-regulator in managing the water resources, said Mr G Asok Kumar, Director General, NMCG, Ministry of Jal Shakti. He was speaking at the CII Water-Tech - “Transforming Water Management with Cutting-Edge Technology: Within & Beyond" organized by Confederation of Indian Industry at New Delhi today.

Stressing on the 3 E’s-Cost Effective, Energy efficient and Environment Friendly technologies for water and wastewater management, Mr Kumar, urged the industry to demonstrate a sense of proactiveness in deploying these solutions in their industrial operation. He also underlined the need for reliable data without any human intervention for enabling improved decision making. Data generated from effective metering and monitoring of water extraction and usage at various levels can help in strengthening water use efficiency across sectors, said Mr Kumar. He highlighted the critical role of advanced technology which is rendering feasible solution in water treatment and management and urged industry to adopt technologies for judicious and efficient water management.

Dr Parveen Arora, Head – Water Technologies Cell, Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology highlighted various challenges encountered with respect to water management emphasizing on identification, integration and innovation focusing on existing technologies as being crucial for addressing water related challenges. Providing a snapshot of various initiatives undertaken by the DST Water Technology Cell, he opined for the active participation of industry in taking forward the agenda of water security for the country. He urged the industry to explore convergent solutions to solve pre treatment, treatment and post treatment challenges encountered for effluent management.

Dr Ajay Popat, Conference Chairman & Chair, Core group on New and Cutting-Edge Technologies for Wastewater Management, CII National Committee on Water & President, Ion Exchange (India) Limited called for application & scaling up of requisite technology for conservation of scarce water resources. He applauded the efforts of industry in embarking upon circular economy leveraging technological advancement demonstrating holistic management of water & wastewater management. It is incumbent upon the industry to take seriously effective management of water as the variability in its availability will compromise the competitiveness of industry in every aspect of their operation, said Dr Popat. Referring to the emerging contaminants which are being detected in the water resources, according to him these are likely to pose a grave challenge for ensuring safe water quality and overall water security.

Dr Kapil Narula, Executive Director, CII-Water Institute stressed on the need to look at both water availability and water quality in an integrated manner and called for participation of all stakeholders in making water as a sustainable resource.

The CII Water-Tech conference is being organised as the official B20 event to bring together ideas and thought leadership on synergistic action to navigate the transition towards sustainable development. The objective of the event is to propagate technologies for water & wastewater management which are cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The two day conference aims to bring together eminent leaders, strategic thinkers and captains of Industry to share their perspectives on, Disruptive Technologies for Water and Wastewater Management; Emerging Contaminants: Technologies for measuring, monitoring & controlling; successful approaches of financial inclusion/ people participation for water supply management in ULBs (changing mindsets & behaviours); Digital – IoT based solutions; Waste to Wealth: Good practices; and dealing with residuals from water & wastewater treatments.

10 August 2023

New Delhi

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