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"The technological transitions will not only change the way we work but also confer significant advantages to the countries for adopting them, also enabling a leapfrog into tech leadership." says Dr Samir V Kamat
Dec 15, 2023

The technological transitions will not only change the way we work but also confer significant advantages to the countries for adopting them, also enabling a leapfrog into tech leadership.says Dr Samir V Kamat, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, Defence Research and Development Organization


“To achieve Atmanirbhar Bharat, we must concentrate on all three aspects: basic science, encompassing foundational knowledge, transferring knowledge to the society and innovation, which involves the development of impactful technologies, essential for our daily lives and societal progress says Dr. Brajesh Pandey, Executive Director, Indian National Science Academy (INSA),

The inaugural session of the Technology Conclave and Innovation Awards dawned with an electrifying atmosphere, featuring thought-provoking presentations, trailblazing insights from industry leaders, and the highly anticipated revelation of the cutting-edge innovations that define the 'Future Readiness through New Tech Titans' at the heart of this premier event.

In his special address, Dr Samir V Kamat, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, Defence Research and Development Organization said that we are at cusp of transformation and the global order is changing with lots of disruptive innovations which have changed the landscape. The landscape is reshaped by the emergence of disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, 6G, and quantum technologies, creating a significant impact on the aerospace and defence domains, where DRDO operates. This technological upheaval will revolutionize our work methodologies and offering countries a substantial advantage over their counterparts. These technological transitions are pivotal for achieving a monumental leap and positioning our nation as a technological leader. Despite the potential, the prevailing siloed approach hinders leadership aspirations. Numerous Governmental schemes support R&D in both industry and academia, further fortified by the initiation of the Technology Development Fund, witnessing a tenfold increase in project funding from 10 crore to 50 crore.

In his address, Dr Brajesh Pandey, Executive Director, Indian National Science Academy (INSA) highlighted the importance of recognition of embracing a spectrum of innovation that shape our future: the exploration of new fundamentals at the basic science level. He also said that for true self-reliance, our focus must encompass all three types of innovation—basic science, technological transfer to meet societal needs, and utility innovations that empower even our youngest minds. Dr Pandey further highlighted that within this dynamic landscape, it is crucial to align innovation with societal requirements. He emphasized for collective efforts for striving towards clean energy for a greener future, universal holistic health, and the seamless integration of science into society.

In his welcome address, Dr. Naushad Forbes, Chairman, CII National Committee on Technology, Innovation & Research & Co-Chairperson, Forbes Marshall underscored the importance of innovation in propelling economic growth which is further asserting our ambitious growth targets over the next three decades to materialize. He further stated that R&D takes center stage in this transformative journey, and three key priorities namely increase of R & D investment from 0.7% to 2%, elevation of current investment in-house hovers more than 0.3% of GDP and transformation into diversified public R&D practices.

Mr. Alok Nanda, Co-Chair, CII National Committee on Technology, Innovation & Research’ CTO, GE Aerospace India and CEO GE India Technology Centre, Global Research in his address said that innovation stands as the linchpin for societal and national progress. It is more than the inventiveness and the multiplication of invention by the societal benefits it offers. Mr Nanda stressed upon the importance of government-industry partnership, adoption of the industry-led model and empowering companies to invest in high-risk programs.

Mr Harish Krishnan, MD and Chief Policy Officer, Cisco India and SAARC highlighted the pivotal roles of technology and innovation in mitigating climate change and advancing sustainability. He further emphasized that in order to increase India's leadership in digitization, fostering innovation becomes imperative for establishing robust digital ecosystems.

Mr Baba Kalyani, Co-chair, B20 Task force on Technology, Innovation and R&D, Chairman & MD Director, Bharat Forge, said that the entire concept of technology and innovation is a complex yet incredibly vital process for India. The Prime Minister emphasizes 'Amrit Kaal,' signifying not just a shift to a superior realm of heightened growth, improved economy, and increased GDP. The essence lies in the journey to achieve these milestones, and innovation is the sole driver to propel our economy forward.

The Technology Conclave & Innovation Awards also witnessed the release of two important compendiums and one White paper.

Compendium on Women in STEM – Organizational best practices: This Compendium features best practices from 35 organizations excelling in promoting Women in STEM.

Compendium on Women in STEM – Inspirational Success Stories- This Compendium recognizes 100+ women achievers leading the way across STEM.

White paper on Landscape of Sustainable Technologies and Startups in India.

Mr Sunil Chordia, Co-chair, CII National Committee on Technology, Innovation & Research and Chairman & MD Rajratan Group, highlighted the importance of harnessing the power of technology for realizing a shared vision of a bright and connected future, with ethical considerations. Fostering a robust collaborative ecosystem that seamlessly integrates industry and academia is key. This collaboration should extend through partnerships that bring together all stakeholders, creating a synergy that propels us towards our collective goals.

The day-long conference will witness the series of engaging discussions by industry and Government stalwarts on various topics revolving around Women reshaping the future of STEM, Global Top Technological Trends, Technological Innovations for Circular Economy.

The 10th edition of CII Industrial Innovation Awards has also been conferred to organizations recognizing the champions of innovation among Indian industry.


15 December 2023

New Delhi

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