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Source diversification and improvements in operational efficiency for water and wastewater management crucial for business continuity: Mr Avinash Mishra, Adviser (Land & Water Resources), NITI Aayog
Aug 31, 2022

Source diversification and improvements in operational efficiency for water and wastewater management crucial for business continuity: Mr Avinash Mishra, Adviser (Land & Water Resources), NITI Aayog

Pulp and Paper industry unanimous about the adoption of source diversification measures and prioritization of 3Rs for treatment of wastewater for industrial use : CII

Mr Avinash Mishra, Adviser (Land & Water Resources), NITI Aayog, Government of India applauded the efforts of Indian Pulp and Paper sector in demonstrating improved operational efficiency by reducing, reusing and recovery of wastewater. However, he stressed the need to scale up the good practices and look at integration of operational efficiencies with operational sustainability. Water PINCH analysis and Water Audits are important tools to design strategies for improving operational efficiencies, said Mr Mishra. He further clarified operational sustainability achieved through ecosystem approach needs to be looked at in integration with operational efficiency or water use efficiency.  He was speaking at the 7th National Conference of Pulp and Paper with the theme “Being Future Ready in Pulp & Paper sector: Water & Wastewater Management”, organized today over virtual platform.

According to Mr D P Mathuria, Executive Director (Technical), National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti the implementation of CPCB Charter for water recycling & pollution prevention in Pulp & Paper industries in Ganga River Basin has shown encouraging results. He hinted at looking at water performance related gaps for instance, reduction in specific water consumption should be combined with reduction in freshwater consumption. According to him model industries need to be replicated in the other regions as well and water audit in pulp & paper industry can bring about significant water savings. He urged industry to ensure that the recipient environment is maintained in a good condition.

Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta, Director In – Charge, Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute made a strong plea for industry to take measures for improving recovery rate of by products from waste generated. He complimented the  paper mills that have in recent times implemented modern technology and good practices/ measures to achieve sustainability in terms of environment, energy and productivity. The mental bock towards use of recovered water for the Pulp and paper industry needs to be removed, asserted Dr Gupta.

Mr A.K. Vidyarthi, (Scientist 'F'), Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India informed that the  e Pulp & Paper industry located in Ganga basin have demonstrated significant improvement in the last 4-5 years with respect to compliance, improvement in Specific Water Consumption  and reduction in effluent discharge. According to him fresh water source diversification, as well as soil & groundwater protection and technology upgradation & deployment is also important. He further stressed industry and industry associations should take a proactive role in replicating the good practices prevalent in Ganga basin to other parts of the country for efficient water management.

Mr Sanjay Singh, Conference Chairman, Former Group Head - Paper & Packaging, ITC Limited – PSPD advocated the use of treated sewage water in the pulp and paper industry for reducing their freshwater consumption and curtail discharge of pollution load into rivers. He was optimistic industry will continue it efforts towards improvements in water uses efficiency and curtail effluent discharge..

Mr SVR Krishnan, Conference Co-Chairman, Executive Director (Operations), Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd observed there is a trade-off between operational capacity enhancement and water resource management. According to him an action plan for 3P’s i.e., People, Planet and Profit is the need of the hour. He also stressed for influencing mindsets and behaviour and suggested waste streams can be renamed as bi-product streams.

Dr Kapil Kumar Narula, CEO & Executive Director, CII Water Institute observed source diversification, reduction of freshwater consumption along with specific water consumption improvement, management of wastewater can enable improved water management in the Pulp and Paper sector. He reiterated, CII Water Institute will continue to work with the paper industry in improving resource use efficiency and sustainability.

The other speakers in the conference included- Mr C. K. Sandeep, Executive Vice President, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd; Mr Berthet Christophe, Industrial Development Leader, Nalco Water: An Ecolab Company; Mr B Makarand, Head – Manufacturing & Projects, ITC Paper Boards & Specialty Papers Division; Mr Ashok Kumar Singh, Vice President (Operations) & Mill Manager, Andhra Paper Ltd; Dr R K Jain, Technical Expert, United Nations Industrial Development Organization; and Mr Parvinder Singh Taunque, Vice President- Engineering, Kuantum Papers Ltd. This conference was attended by over 250 participants.


31 August 2022

New Delhi

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